Bagnall Haus Location

Bagnall Court Condo by Roxy Pacific Location

Bagnall Haus Location

Bagnall Haus, a distinguished residential development, is set in the vibrant neighborhood of Bedok, in the eastern region of Singapore. This area, known for its rich heritage, modern amenities, and excellent connectivity, makes Bagnall Haus an exceptional place to live. The condo’s strategic location offers a blend of urban convenience and serene living, making it highly sought after by those who appreciate a balanced lifestyle. Let’s delve into the myriad aspects that make Bagnall Haus’s location truly special.

Prime Location and Accessibility

Situated along the Upper East Coast Road, Bagnall Haus is nestled in a prime area that boasts easy access to various parts of Singapore. The development is well-served by a network of major roads and expressways, including the East Coast Parkway (ECP) and the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), ensuring that areas such as the Central Business District (CBD) and Changi Airport are just a short drive away. This seamless connectivity significantly reduces travel times, making daily commutes and weekend getaways more convenient for residents.

Proximity to MRT Stations

Public transport accessibility is a cornerstone of Bagnall Haus’s appeal. The development is located near several MRT stations, including the Bedok MRT station and the upcoming Thomson-East Coast Line stations. These stations provide residents with easy and efficient access to various destinations across Singapore, enhancing the appeal of Bagnall Haus for those who rely on public transport for their daily commute or leisure travels.

Educational Institutions

Families residing in Bagnall Haus will appreciate the close proximity to a wide array of educational institutions, catering to students from preschool to tertiary levels. Renowned schools such as Temasek Primary School, Anglican High School, and Temasek Junior College are situated nearby, offering high-quality education and convenience for school-going children. The presence of these institutions underscores the family-friendly appeal of Bagnall Haus, providing a solid foundation for children’s academic and personal development.

Shopping and Dining

Residents of Bagnall Haus enjoy unparalleled access to a diverse range of shopping and dining options. Bedok Mall, located a short distance away, is a one-stop destination for retail, dining, and entertainment needs. Additionally, the Bedok Marketplace and various hawker centres offer a taste of local cuisine and international dishes, satisfying the palates of food enthusiasts. The area’s vibrant food scene, characterized by famous eateries and hidden gems, provides residents with countless options for dining out.

Recreational Amenities

The location of Bagnall Haus is ideal for those who cherish outdoor activities and nature. The development is in close proximity to East Coast Park, Singapore’s iconic beach park, where residents can engage in a variety of recreational activities such as cycling, rollerblading, picnicking, and water sports. The park’s scenic coastline also offers a tranquil escape from the urban hustle, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and family outings.

Community and Lifestyle

Bagnall Haus is part of a warm and welcoming community, enriched by a mix of traditional charm and modern conveniences. The Bedok Reservoir, another nearby attraction, provides a serene environment for jogging, dragon boating, and enjoying the beauty of nature. The area’s community centers and clubs offer programs and facilities that promote a healthy and active lifestyle, further enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Investment Potential

The strategic location of Bagnall Haus, combined with the ongoing development and rejuvenation projects in the East Coast area, positions it as a prime investment opportunity. The area’s transformation, guided by the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Master Plan, promises enhanced amenities, infrastructure, and connectivity, potentially leading to an appreciation in property values. Investors and homeowners alike can look forward to capitalizing on the growth and development of the East Coast region.


Bagnall Haus stands out as a beacon of luxury and convenience, set against the backdrop of one of Singapore’s most dynamic and desirable neighborhoods. Its strategic location offers a unique blend of accessibility, educational opportunities, shopping and dining options, recreational amenities, and a vibrant community lifestyle. For those seeking a home that combines the best of urban living with the tranquility of nature, Bagnall Haus presents an unparalleled living experience in the heart of Bedok. Whether for families, professionals, or investors, Bagnall Haus embodies a promising and fulfilling future in one of Singapore’s most cherished locales.


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